Great system design translates into a great end result. The technical team at Liquid Electrical is dedicated to ensuring that, through superior system design, you get the absolute highest performance and reliability from your audio/video and home automation systems.

There are an enormous amount of details that go into properly designing audio/video and smart home control systems in todays luxury homes. First, there is the low-voltage wiring infrastructure. Your homes wiring should not only be appropriate for the system that will be initially installed but should also allow for future technologies and system growth. Once your walls are closed up, they should stay closed. A properly engineered wiring plan should have the flexibility to be able to adapt to new technology many years after installation. In your design phase we like to think of how your system might evolve in the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc. Our clients tend to stick with us for a long time so it’s very important to us that the wiring infrastructure is sustainable.

The next step of great system design is selecting the right components. This is similar to putting together a great symphony. The skills of each musician are important, but what is more important is how the musician interacts with the rest of the players in the orchestra. The same illustration applies to your electronics systems. When selecting components, we are constantly evaluating how each component fits into the puzzle. Will it increase the reliability of the system? Will it perform at its best with the other components in the system? Is it good value in the context of the system as a whole?

The third vital element to system design is our documentation package. We speak the language of your design team, and that language is detailed plans. Our initial plans call out all the build requirements that your architect, builder, and interior designer need to know about. Our planning documentation includes electrical requirements, HVAC requirements, device placement, equipment space planning, home theatre / screening room sightlines and riser heights/dimensions, television niche requirements, etc. This type of planning ensures that there are no surprises that result in either additional costs or a compromised end product.

Our technical team is committed to creating a well planned, well thought out system that will provide you maximum reliability and maximum value.