Engineering and Documentation… the Complete Package

Following a needs assessment, estimating and value engineering study, we’ll determine a cost-effective budget. Our in–house specialists will create connectivity and block diagrams, facility plans, technical drawings and other necessary documentation.

Programming… Another In-House Technical Service

Few Electrical Companies boast an in-house programming department. At Liquid Electrical, we create our own macros and write custom code so your system devices and GUI’s are intuitive and user-friendly. Our own programming department means we can expedite the tailored solutions that have built our reputation for design/build excellence.

Staging, Fabrication and Assembly… Carefully Choreographed to Eliminate Delays

We will acquire the equipment best suited to your needs. We then assemble the equipment panels, cabinets, and pre-wire for pre-testing in our own facilities. This carefully choreographed scenario minimises on-site delays and delivers documentation and a system primed and ready for a smooth installation.

Final Systems Commissioning and Training

Once you’re totally satisfied and sign off on the installation, we will train you and/or your staff (if relevant) and provide you with operation manuals and a handy, quick-start reference guide.


Liquid Electrical stands behind our design/build projects from end-to-end. Liquid Electrical provides system warranty from commissioning for a full year.