Silverdale Window Makers

Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand

Liquid Automation provided integrated controls for lighting, security and a boardroom entertainment suite.




Crestron colour LCD touch panels, E-Key Biometrics and Lutron interfaces.


Lutron control throughout entire building, including factory floor.

Integrated with alarm system and Crestron LCD keypads.


DSC Maxsis system with Biometric E-key system.

System allows users to arm / disarm the alarm and unlock doors utilising their fingerprints throughout the building.

Allows management to specify what time certain people have access to the building and if they are allowed to disarm the alarm.  Along with this is a record of who entered and at what time via a web interface.

When arming the system, the security system will notify if any windows or doors are left open before arming and show their locations.


Bosch cameras throughout the building record directly to a DVR.  This DVR can be accessed through any PC either internally or externally to the building, with the proper security clearance.  This allows the owners to monitor the building when they are off site.


Show Room

Projector with motorized screen, audio / video input via Crestron touch screens.  A CCTV camera can be displayed directly on the touch screens.

Factory Floor & Offices

Full 100v line audio system distributed around the building with multiple zones capable of routing different inputs to each zone.

Global paging system for whole building.  Paging input automatically mutes volume from external inputs while page is active.


  • Multiple keyless entry points via finger swipe biometrics controlling door release and arm / disarm
  • Global shutdown button closes all truck bay roller doors, high bay windows, turns off air conditioning and air compressor, shuts down all entertainment, turns of all lighting.  Also delayed power off to corridor lighting to allow user to exit building
  • Time controlled start up of AC & Compressor before work hours
  • Detailed recorded history of who entered the building or disarmed the alarm via E-Key Biometrics.