Coatesville Mansion

Rebuild Main power distribution including a 275KVA 3 phase UPS and generator giving the property seamless power in the event of a blackout.

Thrust 105m to a 30m high tree and then hang Christmas tree lights and integrate into the property automation system

Wire new bedroom extension and intergrate to Crestron system

Install new sub mains for an onsite  commercial laundry.


Mains Power Distribution

275 Kva 3 phase Eaton UPS allows on full load 10 minutes of use. This gives enough time to automatically start the Generator and load share across. Any alarms from either the UPS or generator were SMS Texted to our company and to the mansion manager. Some examples of these are: UPS Online, Generator Start-up, Generator Online and low fuel.

Christmas Tree

Thrust Power and fibre 105m to an external Tree and then using a LEO 50 GTX lifter. The lighting control was then integrated into the mansions automation system.

New Bedroom Renovation

Wire new bedroom extension and intergrate, program and design graphics for lighting and blind control from the Crestron touch panel

Site Maintenance

Preventative maintenance to all aspects of the property.

Site Management

Project assistance and management for other trades and subcontractors.