Full prewire for A/V, Network, Lutron Lighting and security supplied and installed temporary builders pole.

Lighting Control

A Lutron Lighting control system was used in this home, as it is reliable and provides great energy savings, beneficial for a residence of this size. Lutron can be monitored and easily allows for changes to be made to the functionality of the system remotely.

Security and Access

This home has extensive intrusion detection coverage and protection. There are over 20 zones throughout the property that are part of the alarm and access control system. This system includes monitoring of windows and external doors, which will detect if a window or door has been left open when setting the alarm. Also, the alarm will sound if the window or door is tampered with from the outside in by an intruder.  There are smoke and heat detectors throughout the house and garage, having these set up through automation will reduce false alarms from, for example, burnt toast and exhaust fumes.

The security and access system interfaces with the control system to allow others access to the property via a touch screen in the kitchen. The pedestrian gates are also monitored, with entry via a keypad at each gate.

The surveillance system was kept to a minimum here as it didn’t suit the style of house, however, the extensive alarm and access control system combats this regarding intruders. The house is cabled for additional cameras in the future.